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Team West Coast Running & Triathlon Club
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Updated November 29, 99

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Team West Coast members at the Bazan Bay 8K Awards, May 99
Team West Coast members at the Bazan Bay 8K Awards, May 99

What Team West Coast (TWC) is all About
Our philosophy is realized by:

  • Promoting participation by people of all ages and levels of ability.
  • Providing an environment to support individual training activities by organizing scheduled training events that members can incorporate into their own training plans.
  • Providing opportunities for members of similar abilities to train together and to obtain training tips and information on where and how to obtain individual coaching, if desired.
  • Participating in road races, relays and triathlons as a team and organizing car pools for out of town races.
  • Getting together for social functions throughout the year to promote team spirit and friendship.
  • Organizing and hosting major community events including races and triathlons.
  • TWC is always happy to welcome triathletes, duathletes and runners of all abilities as new members. A Membership Application is enclosed in this website or come to one of our Training Runs or Events.

Chris at the 1999 Ironman Canada

What Do We Do?

  • Mostly we train. Sometimes we train hard, mostly we train easy.
  • Very organized and coached swim workouts are held Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Friday evenings all year.
  • Saturday morning bike rides all year. The rides are more or less organized if your idea of organized is trying to get a consensus on which direction we're going to ride.
  • Run sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and on Sunday mornings all year. Please see our Training Schedule for exact times and locations.
  • We also compete. Individually we compete at swim meets, running races and triathlons. We compete with ourselves to get personal best times and we compete with other people anytime, anyplace. As a team, we compete in relay races and for overall points in race series.
  • To support the development of young athletes we organized the annual Victoria Youth Triathlon.
  • As a part of the Vancouver Island running community we organize the Bazan Bay 8K running race.
  • We also organize club social events, including barbecues, social runs, pot luck dinners and parties.
  • Our newsletter is the best around. In it we publish records of our triumphs and occasionally "flattering" pictures of ourselves. Club members contribute articles on various events and/or topics of interest.

Royal Victoria Marathon

Why join TWC?

  • To connect with exercise partners or other like-minded people and get more out of your workouts. A workout partner, or group, is the best motivator for maintaining a fitness program or for maintaining an involvement in sport as part of your lifestyle. It's much easier to get motivated if there are other people doing the same workout on a regular basis.
  • A major reason to join TWC, is that no matter how slow or fast you are at a training session or race, there's usually a team mate around.
  • Come as our guest to any of the training sessions. Email a member of the executive for specifics as to our Training Schedule. We hope that our schedule suits your schedule. We welcome you to TWC.

TWC Executive

President Bill Walker
Vice-President Jill Williams
Secretary Connie Hearty
Treasurer John Botelho
Past President Felicity Parker


1999/2000 TWC Coordinators

Social Coordinator Tasha Sawatsky
Communication Coordinators John Botelho & Tasha Sawatsky
Purchasing Coordinator Kathy Davidson  
Newsletter Editors Susan Allman & Paul Christopher
Bazan Bay Race Director John Botelho  
Youth Triathlon Director Wayne Coulson  
VIRA Representative Chris Bateman  
Royal Victoria Marathon Rep. Don Moffatt  
Website Webmaster John Botelho  

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