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First Six Seasons

July 23, 1999

For a brief history of the roots of triathlon Click Here

The old guy finishes fourth overall at the Qualicum Beach Triathlon, 1997.


Feb 21 Admiral Nelles 10km Run. Victoria, BC
March 6 Paper Chase 10km Run. Port Alberni, BC
March 20 Comox Valley 8km Run.
April 3 University of Victoria 5km Run.
May 1 Ym/wca Tri-Clinic Triathlon: S500m, B15km, R6km. Victoria, BC. My first triathlon.
June 5 Comox Valley Biathlon: Run 10km, Bike 40km. Courtenay, BC. My first duathlon.
June 12 Ye Olde Victoria Triathlon (now know as the Panorama Classic Triathlon): S500m, B30km, R8km. Central Saanich, BC.
June 19 Hilltopper Run (8.85km, mostly up!) Brentwood, BC.
Nov. 26 Gunner Shaw Cross Country (9.5km) Thetis Lake, BC.

End of my first season


Island Race Series 1989:
Jan. 15 Pioneers 8km Sannichton, BC
Jan. 29 Cedar 15km Cedar, BC
Feb. 26 Admiral Nellies 10km Colwood, BC
March 19 Stanley Park (Continental Airlines) 10km Vancouver, BC
April 2 University of Victoria 5km
April 9 Paper Chase 10km Port Alberni, BC
April 29 Victoria half-marathon

Race Season
May 7 Ym/wca Tri-Clinc Triathlon: S500m, B15km, R6km Victoria, BC
May 14 Victoria cy-ru-thon R5km, B30km, R5km.
June 4 Ye Olde Victoria Triathlon: S500m, B30km, R8km.
June 24 Peace Arch Triathlon: S800m, B23km R8km. Bellingham, Washington State.
June 30 Twilight Shuffle 6.5km Run Chemainus, BC
July 2 Whistler Cy-ru-thon R5km, B33.5km, R5km. (nice race venue)
July 9 Victoria Y Biathlon R10km, B20km
July 23 Peach Festival Triathlon S1500m, B40km, R10km Penticton, BC
August 2 Sri Chinmoy Triathlon S1500m, B35km, R10km. Victoria, BC
August 13 Vancouver International Triathlon (VIT) S1500m B38km R11km. My finishing time=2:37:25.
September 10 Derby Days Run 10km Port Angeles, Washington State.
September 24 Royal Canadian Navy 10km Esquimalt, BC.

Gearing for 1990 Season
October 8 Royal Victoria 8Km Finishing time=33mins.
October 29 Shawnigan Lake half marathon. (1:35:35)
November 25 Gunner Shaw 9.5km Run (brutal and wet, not for wimps)
December 10 Merrython 10km Run Victoria, BC (40:41)

End of my second season.

Racing the Garden City 10km in 1991

The 1989 season saw alot of racing. I don't recommend racing that much unless you are just participating and not caring where you place or your race time. This was my second year in multisports and I was very enthusiastic. I looked for every race I could find as well as going to different towns and cities to race.


Island Run Series
Jan. 14 Pioneer 8km Sannichton, BC (31:24=pr at the time)
Jan. 28 Cedar 15km (1:01:34=pr on a brutal hilly course)
Feb. 11 Mill Bay 10km (39:09=pr)
Feb. 25 Admiral Nellies 10km Colwood, BC (40:41)
March 11 Comox 20km (1:22:30=pr)
March 25 Dallas Road Dash Victoria, BC (30:26=pr)
April 8 Paper Chase 10km Port Alberni, BC (38:49=pr)
April 21 Victoria half-marathon (1:26:02=pr)
April 29 Garden City 10km Victoria, BC (38:26=pr)

March 17 UBC Triathlon: S800m, B23km, R7km Vancouver, BC (1:25:48)
May 29 UBC Duathlon: R5km, B40km, R5km Vancouver, BC
June 3 Panorama Classic Triathlon: S500m, B30km, R8km (1:35:44=pr)
June 10 BC Telephone Duathlon Series Victoria, R5km, B30km, R5km. (1:27:22) 4th in age/group.
June 16 Tsawwassen Triathlon: S800m, B20km, R7km. Tsawwassen, BC (1:21:00) 3rd premasters.
June 23 Peace Arch Triathlon: S800m, B23km, R8km. Bellingham, Washington (flat tire, still finished).
August 5 Vancouver International Triathlon: S1500m, B38km, R11km (2:31:30)
August 26 Ironman Canada Triathlon: S2.4miles B112miles R26.2miles (13:55:56) My first Ironman Race. Fair swim, good bike, fell apart on the run.

End of 1990 Race Season

Gearing up for 1991 Season
October 7 Royal Victoria 8km (31:23)
October 20 Victoria Wellness Run (30:23) Some doubt as to the actual distance of this run. George Sheehan ran and was guest speaker. I finished 13th overall and first im my age group (35-39) but only 156 runners were in the race.
October 28 Shawnigan Lake half-marathon. (1:26:02=pr) Consistant training, especially in running is paying off with fast times.
December 9 Merryton 8km Fun Run Victoria, BC (30:05=pr) Ran as hard as I could, fun run? No way.:)

End of 1990 Season

Phil, Cory and Glen (me), 2nd team overall at Salmon Arm Triathlon 1991.


Thrifty Foods Island Run Series
January 6 Pioneer 8km Brentwood Bay, BC (30:12 =pr)
January 20 Merville 15km Merville, BC (56:52 =pr)
February 17 Cedar 15km (1:00:08) Ran the race while I had a cold, nothing stops me.

April 6 Victoria half-marathon (1:23:39 =pr)
April 21 Garden City 10km (38:56)

Triathlon/Duathlon Season
May 26 Prestige Duathlon Series#2 R5km, B35km, R5km (1:49:11)Whistler, BC Steve King announcing and David Rudd, all star masters duathlete.
June 2 Panorama Classic Triathlon S500m, B30km, R8km (1:36:45)
June 16 Willis Point Hilltopper 8.85km (37:38)
June 23 Salt Spring Triathlon: S1500m, B32km, R10km (2:20:40) A personal disaster! Know the course and drive or ride the bike route before the race.
June 30 Twilight Shuffle 6.4km run Chemainus, BC (23:43) Do not go out too fast in a race unless you know what you are doing. I led this race for the first 30 seconds then slowly got swallowed up by the pack.
July 14 BC Tel. Duathlon Series, Victoria: R5km B30km R5km (1:33:14)
July 21 The Great Sooke Foot Race 12km (47:33) Sooke, BC
July 27 Teleglobe Canada/English Bay World Cup Triathlon. Team entered: Cory, Swim 1500m (20:10), Glen, Bike 40km (1:06:26), Phil, Run 11km (32:29) = 1:59:05.3rd team overall. Greg Welch was the mens winner, Sue Schlatter (Hamilton, Ont.) won the womens race.
August 4 Sri Chinmoy Tri/Duathlon: R6km B33km R10km (2:13:00)10th place finish overall.
August 11 Salmon Arm Classic Triathlon. Team entered: Cory, Swim 1500m (21:14), Phil, Run 10km (32:07), Glen, Bike 40km (1:04:44)=1:58:59 Second in the team category.

March 10, 1991 Comox 20km Race (1:22:30)

End of 1991 Race Season


January 12 Pioneer 8km (31:13) Brentwood Bay, BC
January 26 Cedar 15km (1:00:21) Cedar, BC
June 7 Panorama Classic Triathlon: S500m, B30km, R8km (1:43:03)
June 20 Peace Arch Triathlon: S.4miles, B14.5miles R5.2miles (1:39:19) Bellingham, Washington.
August 2 Sri Chinmoy Duathlon: R6km B33km R10km (2:17:39) Victoria
October 11 Royal Victoria Marathon 26.2miles (3:18:01) My first marathon (other than IMC)
October 25 Shawnigan Lake half-marathon (1:29:30)
December 18 Christmas Rush 5km (18:54) Victoria, BC

End of 1992 Season

1992 was the 'burnt out year' in which I rested from the previous three years of running and triathlon. I needed the rest.


Thrifty Foods Island Race Series
January 10 Pioneer 8km (31:16)
January 24 Cedar 15km (59:22=pr) Finally under one hour on this course.
February 7 Mill Bay 10km (39:11)
March 7 Comox Valley 20km (1:21:22)
March 21 Paper Chase 10km (38:51) Port Alberni, BC
April 4 Merville 15km (58:27) Merville, BC
Ended up 8th in the 35-39 Age Group for the Series.

May 1 Elk/Beaver Lake Ultra Run 50km Completed 40km but just couldn't finish the run. Constant rain made the trails muddy and I just ran out of gas. (4:04:00) Perhaps I'll finish one of these yet.
May 23-24 Island Farms Vancouver Island Relay. Sooke Team (mixed) I ran stage 8, 12.4km (55:01) hilly route on the first day. The second day I ran 9.6km killer mountain route. My first team race. Enjoyable.
July 18 Volunteered at the Great Sooke Foot Race. The third time I've volunteered at a race, something I will do more often. Volunteers are indispensable, especially when they are trained properly.
October 31 Shawnigan Lake half-marathon (1:33:25)

End of 1993 Season

Another slow season has passed. Tried to change things by doing different races and distances. It can get boring doing the same races year in and year out.





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